"The fuck with them!"Dionie screamed."What do they know,anyway?!?One cigarette never killed a girl my age!You can't even live your life anymore without people interfering under fals pretenses of 'caring'!"
She was as beautiful as ever; but very upset. Her mom had entered the room maybe twenty minutes earlier, inquiring as to whether ot not I would be staying for dinner. Well, when she walked in- Dionie and I were sharing a cigarette. Of course, there wasn't much she could do to me (I was 18,now); but Dionie was a whole different story. Her mom had ranted and raved for fifteen minutes about how horrible she was. And about how much of a disappointment she was to the family. I saw Dionie for the woman she was, despite her mere 15 years. However, her mother still saw her as a child.
I let her scream and vent about everything for several more minutes.When she finally quieted down, I scooted across the floor and sat next to her. She turned her head to look at me, but didn't say a word. I saw the silent apology in her eyes. Yet I did not blame her. It wasn't such a big deal to me. Families fight. It happens, you know? I could tell it was hurting her that I witnessed her mom going at her like that. I hoped Dionie would be okay now, though. She deserved so much more than that staunchy old woman's ancient morals and distorted views on life.
I grasped Dionie's little hand in mine and gave it a firm,reassuring sqeeze. I could see the tears starting down her cheeks. Well not on my watch! I was not about to jut sit there and watch my beloved girl cry her eyes red over a little argument. I gently kissed her face where the hot tears blazed there furrows. I felt her warm body shudder beside mine. I bent my head close to hers and whispered, "I love you,Dionie."I meant it.
"I love you,too." She replied,lifting her eyes to meet my gaze. She gave me a quick hug,immediately followed by a soft kiss.
She wrapped her arms gently about my neck, and I lifted her into the air. In my arms, as a child, she rested and was comforted. I conveyed her to the bed- setting her softly upon the mattress. I lifted her shirt over her head, and tossed it aside. She was a marvelous woman-child. Almost fully developed now, I loved the tender curves of her upper body. My Dionie loved to look nice- even in her bra. That day, it was a gauzy black material, with a little pink ribbon(tied into a bow)in the middle.I unzipped her pants, and kneeling down, tugged them off her slender waist and young thighs. She was a rare Gem, perfect in size ans shape. She was a spectacle a feminine charm to be witnessed only by the luckiest of men. I must have been the luckiest man in the world that day.

+Welcome one and all to the latest creation of my depraved yet ingenious mind. I will be keeping a story I am working on here. Feel free to comment and leave constructive criticism! I will warn you all in advance, though- This story is not for young children! It contains adult themes, choice language, and eventually some gore. I don't want to hear any complaining about the content not being "pure"- So don't read further if you have issues with any of the previously mentioned aspects. Thank you all for your time and patience! To the literature!+

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